IQ Test

What is IQ Test

IQ stands for “intelligence quotient” and it’s a term developed to explain human intelligence. An intelligence quotient is derived from several different types of standardized intelligence tests, which use different methods to measure IQ. In recent years, new intelligence tests have become popular which are less reliant on language and cultural knowledge. These types of “culture fair” tests are designed to assess non-verbal intelligence as psychologists continue to try to understand and measure strengths and weaknesses in different areas of intelligence.

What are IQ tests used for?

While sites like this one can be good for giving you a rough idea of your mental abilities, an official IQ test can be used in a number of capacities. One of the most prominent uses for these tests is in educational environments to help identify learning disabilities place students in the appropriate classes to best match their perceived academic potential. Another use of these tests is in job placement. Some companies use this as one of the factors in rating job applicants to see if they have the mental capabilities to meet a job’s requirements.
While current methods of testing intelligence have been rigorously studied for validity, there is a long history of organizations large and small trying to develop intelligence related testing to help match people up to their appropriate tasks.