Therapy for Examination Phobia

Examination phobia or Examphobia is a mental disorder found in most of the students. But most parents and teachers do not recognize it due to ignorance. They simply assume that the child is incapable. Most parents call themselves ill-fated for the entire situation and try to nurture their shattered ego.
Although this disorder can start at any age, it usually starts during childhood or adolescence stage. This is fear of a specific situation, may be an examination or an interview, where the potential of a student is tested. When a student is subjected to this situation, he becomes so nervous that he is not able to perform to his potential. As a result he has to satisfy himself with his under-potential performance.

Research has already proven that a minimum level of anxiety or fear is necessary for anybody to perform at an optimum level. Due to this minimum level of anxiety, the brain works extraordinarily; a student is able to recall the answers to the questions instantly. On the other hand, extreme fear and anxiety have a negative effect and block students’ memories even if they are well-prepared. Examination phobia also follows this principle. Increased anxiety decreases the performance. As a result, one cannot achieve the desired results. When this phobia or fear is at its, highest point, the student is so much scared or gripped in fear that he starts finding ways and means to avoid the exams.

Examophobics suffer from severe stress, inability to concentrate and sudden amnesia. The symptoms may even lead to physical problems, including vomiting and diarrhoea. Continuous stress could also lead to depression.